Synthesis 345 Organic Skincare

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I’ve always had pretty good skin, I didn’t have acne has a teenager and I manage to avoid embarrassing blemishes so I have never really had to employ a strict skincare regime. I wash my face in the shower, occasionally exfoliate and wear moisturiser during the day. I didn’t think my skin could improve much, that was until I was asked to trial some of Synthesis 345’s skincare range.

Synthesis 345 is a skincare range that boasts many certifications:

  • Organic
  • Sustainable
  • Fair Trade
  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What’s a Bioactive Anti-Ageing Phytonutrient? You mean you don’t know? Now I’m only 22, so at this point I’m not too concerned with the effects of ageing but according to the Synthesis 345 website, there are components of fruit, vegetables, seaweeds, grains, legumes and nuts that help to nourish your skin. Wow, plants rule!

Now, what did the products do to my skin? I tested four of Synthesis 345’s products:

First Love Cleanser- $59.95 AUD

This cleanser contains rose hip, chamomile, aloe vera, hibiscus extract, olivoyl hydrolyzed wheat protein and orange hydrosol and boy can you smell it! When you squeeze out the tiniest bit of the cleanser, you’re hit with a burst of amazing scents. It gets even better once you apply it to the skin. It’s almost like you can feel your skin absorbing all of the benefits. Once rinsed off, your skin even appears brighter!

First Blush Skin Hydrating Tonic- $54.95 AUD

The skin hydrating tonic does just what it says- it hydrates your skin! It contains bio-hyaluronate ferment algal (look it up!), papaya extract, pure jasmine absolute, magnesium ferment, lactic acid, zinc ferment, witch hazel. All you need to do is lightly spritz this over your face and neck and you can feel a nice, cool sensation sinking into your skin.

First Love Day Cream- $79.95 AUD

This day cream is not as scented but it contains pomegranate sterols, panax ginseng, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, knotweed, lycopene, lutein and rose hip. It also has SPF 15 skin protection so you’re protected from the sun. Is one of the ingredients softness? I think it must be, because the first time I applied it, I could feel a noticeable difference in the texture of my skin!

First Love Night Cream- $89.95 AUD

This night cream works in perfect harmony with the day cream. It contains rose otto, birch, avocado oil, macadamia oil, calendula oil, olive oil, pomegranate sterols, knotweed, rose hip and mango butter. It isn’t as sweetly scented as the other products however it is just as soft as the day cream.

So, would I recommend the Synthesis 345 skincare range? The results speak for themselves however I realise the products are more pricey than other skincare on the market. I would recommend ordering the trial pack, it’s $24.95 and will give you an idea of how the products work for you!


  • Jackson Cook

    I am totally ordering a trial pack, this stuff looks great…