Aum Ultra Hydrating Rose Facial Toner

Price: $26.95 AUD

Where to Buy: for stockists

As I have said before, I don’t suffer from many skin problems however I do enjoy the ritual of skincare. Recently I caught wind of a newish skincare range: Aum Anti Age Organics and got my little vegan hands on some of their Ultra Hydrating Rose Facial Toner.

The first thing I liked about this product is the packaging. Upon opening the outer box, a brown bottle is revealed that almost looks like a vessel for magic potions, and in a way I guess it is. Apart from the aesthetics of the toner, what does it do? Well, the product hydrates, with the help of Hyaluronate. When applied to my skin, I did feel refreshed and hydrated so no wonder this ingredient is apparently one of the most hydrating ingredients known to cosmetic science! The second active ingredient is Rosa Damascena Floral Water, which is supposed to plump and tone the skin. Like other ingredients with plumping properties, this product did create a light tingle when I applied it to my skin however it did not irritate it. In a way it added to the rejuvenation and hydration of my skin. Tingling aside, after using the toner my skin felt soft and looked refreshed. So if you’re up for something new, why not give it a try!


  • A-me

    Where do you get this stuff from? I have heard a few peeps talking about it in a positive light. Anything with plumping properties is ok by me 🙂

    • Chelsey

      They stock Aum products at Myer!

  • A-me

    Thanks heaps!