Natio Antioxidant Lip Shine

Price: $11.95 AUD

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I don’t know about y’all, but winter totally takes its toll on my lips. Luckily I recently picked up some of Natio’s new Antioxidant Lip Shine and let me tell you, it has done the trick. Vitamins C and E team up with grapefruit oil to soften and protect while papaya, shea butter and jojoba nourish. Not only that, they have a touch of fragrance thanks to the addition of sweet orange oil. They come in five wicked colours but I tried out “Bliss”, a peachy-nude tone and “Love”, a fiery red tone. Both have a nice shimmer and shine to them and long lasting bursts of colour to make protecting your lips just that extra bit fun!

I have a Natio & Aum gift pack to give away to one lucky reader including two Natio Antioxidant Lip Shines in “Love” and “Bliss” plus an Aum Lifting Face Serum values at $35.95. The serum is certified organic and contains hyaluronate which hydrates, plumps and firms skin.

Tell me what you look for in vegan cosmetics for your chance to score this dope pack!*

* Australian residents only – Giveaway ends 31/8/2011


  • skye

    I look for something that’s lush, good colour range, long lasting and isn’t to expensive. I’m always on the look out for new vegan make up to try and they need have these qualities 🙂

  • Clare

    I look for natural, certified organic, plant-based ingredients and avoid nasty things like petrochemicals, bismuth oxychloride and talc. I particularly love mineral makeup as it enhances my complexion rather than masks it like other makeup!

  • coulinjo

    I look for paraben free, organic plant-based products without any nasties and then check it against the not tested on animals list. As I then have to check that’s it’s not too pricey, it can be time-consuming to find new products that work. The internet is now a great way to find out other people’s findings – it’s a great way to network.

  • Peta

    What do I look for in vegan cosmetics? Thats easy.
    Quality. Good colour pay off, safe ingredients, lasting product, and most importantly… 100% vegan.
    People need to realise that professional quality product can be vegan. You dont need to sacrifice innocent animal for your vanity, Its just not right.

  • Rachel

    No animal content, No animal testing, No petrochemicals. Organic ingredients. Kindness.

  • Looking for cosmetics that just meet the ‘vegan’ tag can be hard enough, I would love for things to be more clearly labelled. I look for products that work, don’t contain ingredients that could be harmful (I like to be able to read the label and actually know what the ingredients are) and ethically-produced. 🙂

  • I look for something high-quality and long lasting. Make-up that won’t harm the planet or my skin. Ultimate guilt-free pleasure.

  • Alanis

    My ten happy product requirements:
    Animal friendly (vegan, no animal testing both for the ingredients and the actual product)
    CCF approved!
    Biodegradeable packaging (or atleast recyclable or reusable)
    No palm oil (save the orangutans)
    Certified organic
    Fair trade products if poss (like cocoa butter sourced from a developing country)
    Ideally made by a small family business (avoid capitalist conglomerates)
    No human harm – no sweat shops, no child labour
    Buy from a friendly shop (like an organic store, community shop, etc) who supports local charities and programs
    AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, a tick from ‘like a vegan’ – always listen to the expert!

  • Jordan Tibbitts

    I look for natural products and colours that will match my clothes, outfits and moods. Daring is good, especially considering I’m a guy who wears makeup, that Love lip shine would be amazing and certainly catch peoples eyes. I’d use the nude over my lipsticks to make them shine more.

  • Karen

    Plant based (of course)
    No animal testing (again… of course)
    Australian made
    No carcinogenic chemicals…. or ones that are suspicious but haven’t been proven toxic. Innocent until proven guilty? I’d rather not risk it.
    And I love trying different products. In my 10 years as a vegan, I haven’t tried either of these. Must remedy soon.

  • I look for plant based ingredients that won’t upset my skin, ingredients that aren’t tested on animals (because you shouldn’t be using chemicals that might be harmful to us in the first place) and also affordable, as a student I can’t really afford to spend a couple of hours pay on make up

  • Pia Paeschke

    Would be awesome. Again.

  • Tess K

    Apart from the obvious – being un-tested on animals and animal product free,
    I prefer my vegan skincare to also be organic, gentle and irritant free.
    It doesn’t need to have some fancy name or high price tag,
    just be effective, natural and animal free (friendly) that helps it suit me! With so many nasties already in our day to day lives I want skincare and makeup that not only is healthy for me but safe to have around my pets, nephew and people I contact.

  • Natalie Mason

    i want to be able to eat the ingredients, and i don’t eat animals or chemicals.

  • Nicky

    Love the colour of the red one such great colour for summer and packed full goodies to keep your lips in tip top shape! Awesome…

  • Cecily

    I look for quality products that are worth what they cost, and yet aren’t in any way hurting those that make them just to lower the price or to turn a profit. They have to be gentle to my skin, made from natural ingredients and actually benefit my body in some way. They have to be made by a company that aims to right by the people AND the animals in this world. Compassionate companies will come out ahead in the end! 😀

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