Lord of the Fries

Address: Corner of Flinders Lane and Swanston Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 (see website for more details)

Website: www.lordofthefries.com.au

Lord of the Fries is not just a clever name, but a chain of delicious all vegetarian fast food restaurants scattered around the streets of majestic Melbourne. They’ve just opened their seventh store and I was invited to check it out on my recent visit to Victoria on a vegan eating spree. Lord of the Fries is all vegetarian, halal and kosher with a massive selection of vegan and gluten free options. These guys are absolute legends, right?! If that hasn’t sold you, read on, I’ll have you salivating soon.

Big Mark Burger – $7.95

I think it’s pretty clear what LOTF are going for with this burger, a LOTF beef style pattie with vegan cheese, pickles, onion, lettuce and special sauce minus the dreaded golden arches. This is a serious mad dog burger; totally tasty, filling and incredibly awesome. Not only do they have a range of delish boigers but they come in a range of sizes too to suit any appetite, even little itty bitty ones!

Fries with French Canadian Sauce – $4.95

Just like the burgers, the fries come in a range of sizes. The best way to go is a meal deal so you get a big burger, small fries and a drink for about fifteen bucks. The dopest thing about the fries is that there are a billion sauces to choose from, all different awesome kinds of sauces. This time around I went for the French Canadian; gravy and vegan cheese. These fries are serious business, don’t try them if you’re a flavour wimp.

LOTF Nuggets – $5.95

Hold the phone, y’all make “chicken” nuggets now? These crispy morsels are going straight from heaven to your stomach. You can get them in their own individual tub with any sauce or even cooler is that you can get Munch Box of nuggets and fries for $5.95.

If you’re ever visiting Melbourne, be sure to stuff yourself silly with Lord of the Fries because I’ve not heard of any place in Australia that does vegan fast food quite like they do. If you live in Melbourne and you haven’t been yet, turn off your computer right now, get on a tram and hotfoot it to one of their awesome locations, this one even has seating so you can eat and watch the passing parade from the window. DOOOOOPE! Rumour has it a store will be popping up in Sydney soon, dreams really can come true.