Pendejo Bolo – New Vegan Range

Price: Starting at $30.00 AUD

Where to Buy:

My friends know me as Newcastle’s Sweetheart but my mate at Pendejo Bolo may give me a run for my money with this new venture.

After some pretty consistent nagging from myself, Pendejo have starting making vegan-friendly bolos. Schaaaawinnng! No longer are bolo ties just for cowboys and Grandpa Simpson, the vegan Pendejo Bolos are handmade by a local legend with synthetic leather, awesomely decorative slides, vegan feathers and finished off with super tight tips.

For the ladies, there are a bunch of slides ranging from pretty roses in several colours to some awesome stones. For the dudes, take a look at the skulls and genuine Vegas poker chips. Yeeehawww!

On guys or gals, these bad boys look sensational with a collared shirt but just as tasty with a t-shirt or whatever the heck you’re wearing. Keep checking back on the website too because just one Pendejo Bolo is never enough and I’m sure the vegan range will continue to expand as you continue to buy and I continue to nag.

ExtraVeganza Alert! You want a vegan Pendejo Bolo? I hear ya! To celebrate the launch of their new vegan range and Like a Vegan’s second birthday, Pendejo are going to give a bolo tie to two lucky readers.

There are two ways easy to score (you can try both if you want):

1. Visit the Pendejo Bolo online store, take a look at the vegan range and comment on this post with which is your favourite and why.

2. Got Instagram? Follow likeavegan and pendejobolo, take a photo of you in an outfit you think is begging for a bolo tie, tag us both and add the hashtag #beggingforabolo.

Australian residents only. Entries close on the 31st of August 2012. Each winner will receive one pre-selected bolo each.


  • Angus Shaw

    Pendejo Skulled Vegan is definitely my favourite.
    I used to hang out with a Country and Western band just after going vego, and they all had bolos that looked just like it.
    It’d be SO badass to show up to a country gig with a vegan bolo and be all ‘what’s up guys? I’m a cowboy without the cow’.

  • Amy

    Hey, I’ve been a big fan of Pendejo for a while now and I’m an even bigger fan of the Pendejo vegan nebula. I think that being such a beautiful, decorative piece this bolo tie will go with any shirt I own, even ones without collars xx