Hallelujah! Lord of the Fries is in Sydney

Address: 537 George Street, Sydney 2000

Website: www.lordofthefries.com.au


I think you guys know by now how vibin’ I am on Lord of the Fries; whenever I go to Melbourne it’s on my list of essential eats for the trip. Us LOTF fanatics have been begging for a NSW store of our own and finally it is here! A mere road trip away from Newcastle (about two and a half hours), the new location is on George Street, near the cinemas and Metro Theatre.


So what makes Lord of the Fries so special?

  • They cater to pretty much everyone – all vegetarian, halal and kosher with plenty of vegan and gluten free options.
  • The fries all fresh with skins on, plus they’re nice and chunky.
  • They have an array of different burgers that also range in size from small to double!
  • Hot dogs – need I say more?
  • They have a range of other sides that include amazing nuggets and onion rings.
  • There are so many sauce choices that trump any other chip retailer and have a Sauce of the Month.
  • The staff are massive sweethearts.
  • LOTF love their customers and aren’t afraid to show it.

Since I’m so crazy about LOTF, they’ve asked me to be a part of their Elite Sydney Team. This means I get to attend exclusive tastings, give feedback and new ideas and occasionally score some free food. Schaaaawing. This of course means that I can give you guys an inside look at LOTF and perhaps also do a few more giveaways here and there to share the Lord’s bounty.

As a part of Team Sydney, I was invited to attend the Official Launch of Lord of the Fries in Sydney to cover the event and of course indulge in some burgers and fries. I met up with some other food bloggers from Sydney who are also part of the team to do a little bit of press and chat about why we love LOTF. The first 200 people in line got free fries so needless to say, there was a line stretching to the end of the block and even though the store has been open for about a fortnight now this is apparently the norm.

Other than the obvious deliciousness of the food and bangin’ appeal of the brand, I think one thing that really stands out is the staff. These guys were under a lot of pressure and were still smiling, positive and appeared to be having a genuine good time throwing out fries to the hoards of Sydney siders eager to see what all the fuss was about. Well done guys, you’re absolute bloody legends.


So let’s talk about the food. I picked myself a burger deal and due to my new found appreciation for spice, a chilli popper, which is basically a big chilli filled with vegan cheese before being crumbed and deep fried. a I basically inhaled that straight away so I don’t have a photo of that but here’s a snap of my Big Mark burger and fries with French Canadian sauce. Too bitchin’ for words, seriously. I also picked up a bunch of burgers for my family to take back to Newcastle because that’s the kind of sweetheart I am (they travel well in case you were wondering).


I think it’s safe to say that I will be dedicating at least one day a month to do a LOTF road trip. I’m really looking forward to being part of Team Sydney – check out some of the awesome stuff I scored too; a hoodie and a few vouchers to entice me back to the store (like I really needed any enticing!)


So Sydney-siders, if you see a lady juggling multiple burgers while trying to eat fries at the same time, that’s me. Come and say hi, I might even let you have a chip.

GIVEAWAY ALERT! You have until the 31st of August to enter my Lord of the Fries Giveaway. Check it out here to find out how you can win a meal voucher and highly sought after hoodie!

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