Revolution Foods Cafe

Address: 175 Enmore Road, Enmore, NSW 2042


I’d been hearing a lot of buzz about a new vegan joint in Enmore so while I was in Sydney this weekend I decided to check it out. As Revolution Foods is quite small, we had to wait about 10 minutes for a seat to open up which was fine because the staff were so friendly and accommodating. It’s also promising when a relatively new vegan spot is packed out!

When we took our seats we were presented with a menu full of what I would describe as American-ish food items like burgers, sandwiches, nuggets and chips. There were also quite a few salads on offer plus a great selection of dessert and drinks, not to mention at least 5 specials.

The prices are affordable with all mains $17.95 and under and plenty of options for under $10, the portion sizes are large too so you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck at this place.

Special: Rib Sandwich 


I opted for this little number because it’s not something you see on a menu everyday and it reminded me of that episode of The Simpsons with the McRibwich. The “ribs” were made out of large chunks of seitan in a sweet, thick barbecue sauce served on bread with greenery and some kind of relish type thing. My only criticism of this was that the “ribs” were quite large and did fall out of my sanga a few times – smaller chunks would make it much easier to eat! Other than that this dish was bangin’, even the little salads on the side were tasty as all get  out.

Special: Seitan Nuggets 


These tasty little morsels were so perfectly crumby on the outside, I loved them! The seitan had a really nice texture and even though you could eat them without, a creamy dipping sauce was served up right alongside ’em. I sincerely hope these become part of the menu because I want to try them again next time.

Big Bowla Fries


If you’re going to have a burger and nuggets, you kinda have to have some fries as well. So I did. I had a lot of fries. Delicious, chunky cut, crispy on the outside/soft on the inside fries. You can choose to accompany your fries with tomato sauce, hot sauce or house mayo and I went for the latter. The mayo was so damn delicious we had to request some extra.

Raw Cheesecake and Vanilla Slice


Even though we were completely stuffed, you always have to make room for dessert and Revolution Foods is no exception to this rule. They have a pretty impressive dessert case up the front so you can pick from a selection of treats. We opted to share the vanilla slice and raw cheesecake. The vanilla slice was my favourite; it reminded me of those classic vanilla slices you’d get from the bakery as a kid. The raw cheesecake was tangy and flavoursome with a nice crumby base so it was also an excellent choice to finish off our meal.

Overall I was impressed with Revolution Foods and their wide selection of menu items. The prices are well and truly appropriate for the size of the meals and the staff are friendly and attentive. Next time you’re in the area be sure to check it out!


  • Laura

    Wow, wow, wow!
    This place looks lovely. I’ll be adding it to my list of places to try.

  • Cindy

    OMG, look at those nuggets! Definitely on my list for the next Sydney trip.

    • Chelsey

      OMG I know, they were SO GOOD!