July Vegan Box

Price: From $26.95 

Where to Buy: www.theveganbox.com

When the legends at The Vegan Box asked if I would like to get a load of the July box, I obviously accepted the offer and waited by the mailbox like Michelle Tanner waiting for her Action Rigby. Unlike the classic episode of Full House though, the July Vegan Box is far from disappointing.

The first thing I love about this box is the pretty big (160g) bag of Tao Nutrition protein powder worth $14.95. This stuff has 23g of plant protein per serve and also contains stuff like maca, acai berry, cacao, chia, chlorella and rosehip. I’m not a huge protein shake lover so I’m really looking forward to sprinkling some of this stuff on my morning cereal.

If you’ve been paying attention to my Instagram (if not, WTF?!) you would have seen my recent giveaway from Gingerbread Folk. I was super stoked to see a chocolate gingerbread man worth $2.95 in this month’s box because I gobbled up my supply pretty darn quickly.

The next treat I encountered in my bounty was a cute little Raw Chocolate, Goji Berry and Orange bar from The Raw Chocolate Co worth $4.90. I’m really looking forward to trying this little combo of flavours.

I’ve never heard of curry flavoured coconut chips but that’s exactly what I found in the box thanks to Oz Coconuts worth $4.95. With a flavourful blend of lemongrass, garlic, shallot, galangal, chilli and a bunch of other stuff, I’m looking forward to finding some great dishes to chuck these in.

Another protein hit in this month’s Vegan Box comes thanks to Purpose Bar. This little snack is worth $3.70 and is packed full of rice protein, raw coconut chocolate, cacao, chia and more. Future me is going to be praising present me when I whip this one out of my bag at afternoon tea tomorrow.

Last, but certainly not least, I found a vindaloo and mustard seed blend in the box from Love My Earth, valued at $2.96. This little blend includes a recipe zucchini & chickpea vindaloo, not sure if that’s what I’ll use it for or if I’ll get creative on my own but I am certainly looking forward to trying it!

As always, the July Vegan Box is palm oil free and has a gluten free option (just let them know when you’re ordering). The Vegan Box is the perfect gift for the new vegan to introduce them to the range of awesome products out there or the expert vegan who likes to keep up to date with new and exciting treats. Or, if you’re like me and love getting mail, it’s the perfect gift for yourself!

If you’ve never ordered The Vegan Box or if you’ve got the craving for another delivery of vegan goodies, now is the time! Until Thursday, The Vegan Box are donating $5 from every box sold to Big Sky Sanctuary so you’re doing something good for you AND something good for the animals.