Kinda Maple Coconut Bacon

Where to Buy: for stockists

Price: $12.75

The good folks at Kinda Bacon are now stocking shelves and pantries all over Australia with their new flavour; Kinda Maple and were kind enough to send a few bags my way (read more about that below). Kinda like the original, Kinda Maple has that intense crunch and awesome taste but also the additional sweetness of maple syrup, strawberries and cinnamon.

Gluten free, soy free and of course vegan friendly, Kinda Maple is the perfect addition to sweet stuff like cereal, cakes, donuts and ice cream but if you’re chasing that sweet and salty combo I reckon it would go a bit of alright on a salad or sanga too. If I’m being totally honest with you (we’re pals, right?) you probably aren’t going to make it that far anyway because eating it straight out of the bag is like snacking on little crunchy pieces of heaven.

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  • Candice

    Oh man. I’m a fan of just about anything maple. I’m gonna have to track down a bag of this.