Passionfruit Coconut Ice Cream

Difficulty: Easy

Makes about 1 litre

You may have noticed that I’ve been pumping out a fair bit of ice cream lately. That’s because a while back I bought a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker from Your Home Depot and have been working on perfecting my recipe. This machine is wild, you guys! It creates ice cream in an hour thanks to its built in compressor, so you don’t have to freeze any bowls beforehand. The guys at Your Home Depot cottoned on to how stoked I was with my new toy and asked if I would be keen to create some recipes using their products. Considering I’ve been shopping with them for a couple of years now, I said “hell yeah, let’s do this!” and now we’re doin’ it. They gave me some killer Global knives too, check them out in the pic below.

Now that we’re well on our way to summer, I thought a fruity ice cream flavour should be on the cards. My Passionfruit Coconut Ice Cream is not only creamy and delicious, but it also can be adapted to suit most dietary requirements. You are going to need to do a couple of things in advance to create this recipe; keeping a can of coconut cream upside-down in the freezer for at least 24 hours and tracking down some condensed coconut milk (you can usually find this in Woolworths near the coconut milk). Once you’ve got that stuff done, the rest of the ingredients are easy to get your hands on and you can be expecting to eat your ice cream before you know it!


  • 1 400mL can of coconut cream (placed in the fridge upside-down for at least 24 hours)
  • 1 320mL can of condensed coconut milk
  • 1 cup non-dairy milk (soy works best but any non-dairy milk will do)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 340g cans passionfruit pulp in syrup

Passionfruit Ice Cream


  1. Blend together the coconut cream, condensed coconut milk, non-dairy milk and vanilla extract until smooth.
  2. Add the passionfruit pulp and blend slowly if you want to keep the seeds in-tact, or turn that baby up if you want to pulverise the seeds a little.
  3. Prepare your Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker with the ice cream paddle and pour the mixture into the bowl.
  4. Set the timer to 60 minutes and press start.
  5. While the machine does the work, you can clean the kitchen or watch some TV.
  6. When the timer goes off, you’ve got yourself some killer ice cream! I like to scoop mine into a container and freeze a little longer to get a really firm texture but you can eat it straight away.
  7. Serve and enjoy!


  • Your Home Depot

    Yum – this looks delicious!