Soul Burger

Address: 49 Perouse Road, Randwick NSW 2031


IMHO there’s nothin’ better than a good burg, so when I heard that Soul Burger in Randwick had gone completely vegan (I know, right?!) I decided to get my ass into gear and plan myself a lil road trip to the big smoke.

When you walk in, you’d be nuts to not be instantly stoked on the decor; plenty of hanging lights, white painted wood, exposed brick and “Plant-based Burgers” scrawled across the wall. Totally “Grammable” for those of you love to post food pics (guilty, sue me!) Plus the early noughties RnB soundtrack had me in the zone.

Soul Burger

The menu is even more impressive! Choose from 8 (E-I-G-H-T!) different vegan burger options, with mock meat laden delights like the Sumo Burger to more veggie lookin’ stuff like the Mushroom Burger. There’s even 3 types of fries, which in my world is always going to be a winner; Red Fries (tangy seasoned), Green Fries (herb seasoned) and Kumara Fries (sweet potato) all served with aioli. Drinks-wise you’re looking at a large selection of organic soft drinks, Coke, I think maybe beer? but none of that matters because they have Coconut Shakes made with Soul Burger’s own coconut ice cream.

Soul Burger

My dining companion (AKA my mum) and I both decided we wanted the Cheeseburger so we grabbed a couple of those plus the Green and Kumara Fries to share. I also grabbed a chocolate coconut shake because I’m not a dweeb and why the hell wouldn’t I?

Running with the Grammable theme, the food is served in white enamel dishes which is v cute. My only teensy issue is that the fries are served before the burger, not with it, which may actually be super chill with some of you because I don’t know your individual dining preferences.

But none of the above actually matters at all if the food ain’t good and I am glad to report that it was tasty AF! The Green Fries were better than Grill’d (which I reckon is a pretty good compliment) and the aioli was on fleek (come back and read that in 2 years and try and figure out what the hell it means). The Kumara Fries were nice too but I’m not a huge sweet potato fan so that’s nobody’s fault but my own.

Soul Burger

The Cheeseburger is motherflipping delicious, albeit a little messy with all the amazing sauces happening up in there but luckily you’ve got a napkin dispenser on your table to deal with any condiment malfunctions (this is a new term I’m trying out for 2k16). It’s like hella meaty in a vegan way but also cheesy and creamy in a vegan way and just really, really good.

The shake was like somebody jumped on a trampoline really high and brought a coconut-flavoured cloud back down with them, threw it in a blender with some chocolate and served it to me in a fancy enamel cup. That’s what it tasted like, ok?!

Soul Burger

So, should you go here? Yes. If you’re anywhere in the general vicinity (Newcastle is included because I bloody did it) and don’t go to Soul Burger you have made a terrible mistake. Do better next time.

P.S. Get ready Soul Burger, I’ll be back.

Soul Burger

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  • Susan

    YUM! I am going to go there in a few weeks when I visit Sydney. Can’t wait.
    Though no milkshake for me. Why is everything coconut based? *sniffs*

  • Little Vegan Bear

    Holy bejeebus this looks good. On the list for next NSW trip for sure!