Kester Black Cuticle Remover

Price: $20

Where to Buy:

As much as I love to paint my nails with Kester Black’s awesome range of colours there’s only so much a fresh coat can give you when you’ve got little bits of skin peeling off your cuticles. Does this sound like you? Kester Black’s new Cuticle Remover may just be your solution!

The guys got in touch to see if I’d like to take their new product for a spin and who am I to turn down a chance to get my nails looking fly, huh?

Application is simple: apply to the contour of the nail, wait about a minute and gently roll back the cuticle with a dry cuticle stick before removing any residue. This water-based gel with moisturising wax exfoliator particles plus lavender and eucalyptus actives leave the nails even and smooth.

Kester Black Cuticle Remover

Then all you have to do is moisturise your cuticles with a good hand cream or oil and continue with your regular nail routine.  I have particularly trashy nails so had to do a little extra work but let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised with the result!

As always, Kester Black’s products are Five Free, Australian made and certified vegan so you know you’re doing a whole bunch of good for your nails and the animals. Yay!

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