Address: 71 Tudor Street, Hamilton, NSW 2303


The Greenroof Hotel is one of Newy’s newest drinkin’ holes and you better believe that when I hear there’s a vegan option on the menu, I get in there to try it ASAP.

Having been recently restored and reopened, a whole lot of work has gone into updating the space for 2016. A more traditional pub area inside with bar and stools is complimented by an indoor dining area with booths as well as an outdoor beer garden. The decor is pretty awesome too, lots of brick, greenery and dark wood feature throughout the space. Memorabilia is littered throughout as well as interesting signage and nods to classic rock and roll artists.


The menu has also been revamped, with plenty of burgers and meatballs for non-vegans to choose from. While there aren’t a great deal of vegan options on offer, they are denoted clearly on the menu so you know what’s available without having to ask waitstaff! On this occasion I ran with the sweet potato fries with guacamole and the roasted truffle infused mushroom.



I’m usually not a massive fan of sweet potato fries but these are the best I’ve had! Super crispy, hella tasty and the guac on top is fantastic. The mushroom was not exactly what I had expected but was tasty all the same, thanks to the addition of the roasted truffle.

While both dishes were dope, it would be really great if the vegetarian meatballs could be made vegan to turn The Greenroof into a lunch or dinner destination for vegans as opposed to a light meal or bar snack occasion. Nevertheless, these are some bloody good bar snacks and next time someone suggests drinks, I know where I’ll be heading!


Also here’s a bonus snap of my pal Riley because he really wanted to be in this photo and who am I to break his li’l heart, huh?

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