Review: Bonta Vera

Address: 40 Church Street, Minmi, NSW 2287


I can finally utter the words “we have a vegan restaurant in Newcastle” and damn, it feels good. Sure, it is a 30 minute drive from the CBD but when you’re used to travelling to Sydney for a completely vegan menu, the trip to Bonta Vera ain’t so bad at all.

Located in the old courthouse on Church Street, Bonta Vera’s exterior is hella gorgeous and green AF. When it comes to dining you can choose from the airy space indoors, the wraparound verandah or if you’re feeling super chill, grab a picnic blanket and find a patch of grass on the lawn.

Bonta Vera

The menu is quite varied, ranging from burgers and sandwiches to lighter salads and even raw pad thai. This was a “treat yoself” day so I ran with the weekly burger special: the double bacon cheeseburger with fries (say whaaaaat?!) Loaded with two Gardein beef patties, cheese, salad and facon, this thing was so epic I couldn’t finish it on an empty stomach. The super crispy chips were the perfect accompaniment, especially when washed down with an organic ginger beer. Mum opted for the regular cheeseburger with sweet potato fries and loved it. I had a lil nibble of her fries and either I’m starting to like sweet potato fries or these bad boys are unusually good.

Bonta Vera

I know I said I was too full to finish my burger but we all know there is a special space in out stomach that is reserved for dessert so we ordered a slice each of the vanilla chai and lemon coconut cheesecakes. Both were incredibly creamy, crumbly and delicious but the vanilla chai was for sure my fave.

Bonta Vera

I’m really looking forward to seeing Bonta Vera get even better with time and for a city where anything further than 15 minutes away is a hassle, it’s fantastic to see it more and more full each time I visit!

Bonta Vera


  • Susan

    That is one fairly epic burger!

    • Chelsey

      I know, right?!

  • Tim

    Definatly recommend as number one vegan restaurant in NSW. Just the best cheeseburgers ever! Still curious how their not bacon tastes like bacon. 4.5/5 stars for me !

    • Chelsey

      They’re amazing aren’t they, Tim! 😀