• Veganopoulous

    I so want to go there one day. Cindy and Michael from Where’s the Beef? veg Melbourne blog have a roundup on Japan, with some vegan suggestions:

    • Chelsey

      You should, it’s awesome! Oooh I’ll check it out, thanks!

  • Susan

    I was only in Osaka for a day trip when I visit Japan in 2012, we went to the museum and the castle, and there weren’t really many vegan restaurants around on Happy Cow back then in that area. So I ate a corn on the cob without butter from the castle grounds, and lots of snack bars. Looks like there is lots to choose from now!

    Tokyo-wise, besides the obvious Cha Ya and T’s Tan Tan, the Ain Soph Ripple place has been looking great on people’s blogs lately! They have cheese fries!

    • Chelsey

      So were we so it was nice to spend longer this time around! Craaaaving Cha Ya already, I cannot wait! Ain Soph is on the list too 😀 Yay!