Over The Moo Ice Cream

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You know what’s super tough about blogging? Getting asked to try a whole friggin’ bunch of vegan ice cream and having to write about it. LOL JK, it’s actually dope AF and the legends at Over The Moo wanted me to tell you all about some of the bitchin’ new flavours in their range of coconut ice cream.

Over The Moo is Australian owned company churning out nine, yes NINE, amazing vegan flavours like mmmmMangoo, The Espresso Lane and Choc! Choc! Who’s There? but today I am going to hit you with a classic and a bunch of newbies that are going to be in your reg rotation in no time.

Over The Moo

TBH I thought I was going to hate Vanilla Bean Missing You because I thought the vanilla would be lost amongst the coconut. WRONG. While there is definitely a coconutty vibe, the vanilla is all up in there and you know that because of the little vanilla flecks. That’s what real vanilla looks like, guys! Smack that in between a couple of my Coconut Choc Chunk Cookies and you’ve got yourself one hell of an ice cream sandwich.

Over The Moo have recently dropped their new Asian flavours which are totally beyond! The creamy nuttiness of Me! Me! Black Sesame! can’t be beat while the unusually satisfying combo of Pandan Pecan Party will have you questioning your life-long favourite flavours. Combine those with scoop or two of Matcha Made in Heaven and you’ve just taken a little Asian holiday without leaving your couch.

The latest to join the Over The Moo family are the two most indulgent flavours so far. Ginger Ninja Karate Choc! is a combo of creamy chocolate ice cream with ginger cookie chunks to give that extra crispy zing. I may have just found my favourite ice cream of all time in I Fell for Caramel; ripples of salted caramel sauce and crunchy toffee balls which make me feel like I’m sinking my teeth into the hokey pokey from my childhood.

Over The Moo

Having such a diverse range of vegan ice cream readily available is so bloody exciting that I wouldn’t be surprised if you checked my freezer at any given time, you’ll find at least four tubs lurking. You can pick these guys up at independent grocers (mainly IGA and Foodworks) and select Woolworths stores around the country but be sure to check out Over The Moo’s stockist list to find your nearest stash.

Over The Moo

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