Roza’s Gourmet & Pesto Pasta Recipe

Roza's Pesto Pasta

Price: From $9.50AUD Where to Buy: Sure, it's fun to make your own sauces but sometimes we vegans do it out of necessity because there ain't always a ready-made vegan sauce option nearby. That's why I was hella stoked when I was asked to try Roza's Gourmet, a range of chutneys, pestos and sauces made with all natural ingredients and zero artificial preservatives. Roza's Gourmet started in Brisbane in 1991 and has been around for 25 years. After Roza's death, her daughter Jasmin took the wheel and has turned the company into a thriving business, using primarily local ingredients and manufacturing in Australia to keep jobs within the local community. Hot Lover is made from a selection of spicy ingredients like cayenne, habanero and curry powder...

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