esmi Skin Minerals Foundation & Brush

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I bloody love it when new vegan-friendly cosmetics brands holla at your girl to try out their products so I was stoked when esmi got in touch to take their Mineral Foundation and Foundation Brush for a spin.

esmi Mineral Foundation

I’m lucky enough to have had pretty chill skin for most of my life, so with the exception of a little dryness and the odd blemish, I don’t need to worry about my skin getting too heccaz on me but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to treat it right. esmi Mineral Foundation is formulated to be anti-acnegenic with an SPF 15 formula that hydrates, treats and protects the skin using a unique combo of ingredients like:

  • Hyaluronic Acid – keeps skin hella hydrated and plump
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B) – improves skin elasticity and improves tone and texture
  • Aloe Vera – soothes and rejuvenates with anti-aging benefits
  • Shea Butter – contains vitamins A and E plus essential fatty acids to moisturise with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits
  • Allantoin – a natural anti-irritant and skin protectant to smooth and promote cell replication

Oh, if you haven’t guess already it’s totally vegan and Australian made too!

esmi Mineral Foundation

Righto, let’s talk about what I think about the stuff, shall we? esmi recommend keeping 2 shades of their Mineral Foundation on hand to achieve your perfect colour match throughout the year so I went for the two lightest shades; I-II and II-III. Using the little palette, you can control the colour you like before applying to the skin with fingers or the Foundation Brush. The first time I just went ahead and used my fingers but fam, you’re gonna want to use the brush. And let’s talk about the brush! Obvs super cute with it’s gold and blue tones but maaaan that thing is soft AF, made from high quality, vegan dual-layered bristles to apply foundation quickly and effortlessly.

esmi Mineral Foundation

I really dig how easily this stuff glides onto the skin and also how nicely it was absorbed to leave a dope finish with build-able coverage. As soon as I stepped out of the house, I ran into a friend who commented on how beautiful my skin looked so that’s an automatic win right there! I’m pretty bad when it comes to not touching my face throughout the day but was pretty happy with how my skin looked after 8 hours at work, no complaints here!

If you’re looking for a good Australian foundation that doesn’t just give you a pretty face, check out esmi and their beautiful makeup.

esmi Mineral Foundation

What’s your fave vegan foundation? Let me know in the comments!