2016 Vegan Christmas Gift Guide

There was once a time where Christmas shopping for a vegan would have been more nightmarish than the Boxing Day sales and trust me, that time wasn’t so long ago.

But not anymore! We’re being hit with new and amazing vegan products every damn day, so much so that it can be hard to keep track of it all. Each year I like to put together a little collection of my fave gift ideas to make things hella easy and keep your Christmas merry, bright and cruelty free!

The Big Gifts

How much cash you’ve got to drop can often depend on how much you love the recipient (don’t act like it’s not true). Sometimes you’re looking for a sweet gesture, other times you’re looking to blow their mind with the dopest gift on Earth – either way, there’s a bunch of amazing things to choose from.

A6 memobottle | $36.00 | Buy Here


Staying hydrated ain’t no thang when you’ve got one of these badboys in your bag. The memobottle is a reusable drink bottle that flips the script on the way we think we need to drink. Its unique shape means it fits seamlessly into your handbag or backpack and the lid stays super tight to prevent leakage. The fact you get a black and white lid to match your vibe perfectly (with other lids available too) is really just the icing on the cake.

Nude Wedges by OlsenHaus | $180.00 | Buy Here

Christmas Gift Guide 2016

As a general rule I don’t wear any shoes that are open-toed or more than 2cm high however these wedges by OlsenHaus have me shook. Super comfy and versatile, even the most vertically challenged of us can manage to walk in them with ease. The best Australian stockist for these babies is The V Spot – you can find them by clicking the link above.

Smith & Daughters – A Cookbook (That Happens to be Vegan) | From $33.50 | Buy Here

Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Owners of Smith & Daughters and Smith & Deli, Mo Wyse and Shannon Martinez are have had an absolutely ripper year, rounding it out with their bangin’ new cookbook. The pages really should be laminated because you’re going to be doing a lot of drooling as you flip through this baby. The perfect gift for any home cook but the vegan ones will love you for it the most – if you can bare to part with it!

Birthday Suit Collection by Kester Black x Trophy Wife | $20.00 | Buy Here

Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Aussie made and owned Kester Black have nailed it (lol, get it? Oh god, kill me) with their latest Trophy Wife collab and tbh I actually haven’t been caught without one of these shades on my fingers since they arrived! Grab one shade as a stocking stuffer, three as a trio or make their day and grab the whole spectrum of nude shades to suit their mood.

Seeker Perfume by One Seed | $85.00 | Buy Here

Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Perfume is a classic gift that becomes a little bit trickier to source when you go down the vegan path. Luckily vegan online store Fairlings stocks the great range of vegan and organic scents from One Seed so in a couple of clicks you can sit back and relax knowing you’ve got Christmas sorted.

Sol Hand Blown Coffee Cups | $29.95 | Buy Here

Christmas Gift Guide 2016

We all know that person who loves a cuppa but prolly goes overboard on the disposable cups. Sol’s range of resuable, hand blown coffee cups make a great gift because not only do they come in a spectrum of dope colours but they also come in a gift box (which by the way make them much easier to wrap).

Monogrammed Wrist Pouch by Ingrained | $49.95 | Buy Here

Christmas Gift Guide 2016

When you whack a monogram on something, it instantly becomes more luxe. Fact. Ingrained are all across it and have a range of products you can personalise to make the perfect gift. This wrist pouch comes in 4 different shades, comes with a removable strap and is of course made from lovely vegan leather.

Ink Nurse | $30.00 | Buy Here


If you know someone getting inked up on a regular basis, Ink Nurse is a pretty thoughtful gift to send their way. Not only does it aid in the healing process of new ink with its anti-inflammatory, anti-itch and anti-bacterial properties but it rejuvenates and revitalises existing tattoos too! Pair it with a tattoo gift voucher for the ultimate present.

Stocking Stuffers

If you’re looking to fill a stocking with a few little goodies or wanting to find a Secret Santa gift, this selection of stocking stuffers will make a small impact on your wallet but a big impact on their heart!

Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Hand Cream by Thankyou | From $6.99 | Buy Here

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to another gift or want to give a sweet gesture, one of Thankyou’s Hand Creams are the perf choice. Plus your gift is doing some good too, with 100% of profits funding various projects around the world. My fave scent is Botanical Geranium & Rosewood!

Flower Balm from Winky Lux | $15.00 (approx.) | Buy Here

I recently chucked one of these babies in with a birthday gift for a friend and she almost lost her mind! This moisturising lip balm not only has a REAL MOTHER EFFING FLOWER in it but also tints the lips a subtle shade of pink when its applied. Pick up a few while you’re at it to make the most of the shipping cost.

Chocolate by Alter Eco | $3.99 | Buy Here

Chocolate is always a welcome gift so it’s no surprise I’ve found a way to slip it into this year’s Gift Guide! Alter Eco make a range of chocolate bars and many of the flavours are vegan – try Dark Mint or Dark Quinoa for something a little different.

Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Some products included in this guide were provided by businesses however this has not affected the outcome of the article.