Brush Up – Luxie Beauty’s Rose Gold Collection

Price: From $13.02 AUD

Where To Buy:

It was my birthday a little minute ago (yes, you forgot and yes, I’m still mad about it) and one of the item’s on my wishlist was Luxie Beauty’s Rose Gold 12 Brush Set. Being the sweet angel that I am, my wish was granted and no thanks to you, my birthday was not ruined.


TBH I have no real idea what all of these brushes do but there are twelve of them and I have every intention of using them all. Maybe all at once. I haven’t decided yet. This set is a great place to start to get your basic brushes in bulk because you get:

  • Large Powder Face Brush 502
  • Large Angle Face Brush 504
  • Duo Fibre Stippling Face Brush 508
  • Foundation Face Makeup Brush 510
  • Concealer Eye Brush 209
  • Medium Angled Shading Eye Brush 207
  • Eye Shading Eye Brush 213
  • Tapered Blending Eye Brush 205
  • Small Angle Eye Brush 215
  • Eye Liner Eye Brush 219
  • Pencil Eye Brush 217

Plus it all comes in a super cute, protective pale pink tube – perfect for keeping your brushes safe and sound while travelling but if you take off the lid, you’ve got yourself a brush cup, fam!


At $143.25 AUD, this might seem a little pricey but man, these guys have sales on the reg so you can pick ’em up a lot cheaper. I think I ended up getting mine for about $80! Individual brushes start from just over $13 too so you can gradually add to your collection depending on your needs.


The brushes themselves are soft AF and I almost don’t want to use them for makeup and instead just gently caress my face with them as a relaxation technique after a rough day at work. They’re of course 100% cruelty-free and vegan, plus if pale pink and rose gold ain’t your thing (but really, why wouldn’t it be?) you can grab sets in black and powder blue too.


Do you have a fave set of vegan makeup brushes? I’d love to hear about em!