Easter Eggs Worth Hunting For

WTF is up with Easter eggs starting to roll out in January/February, do we really need that much prep time to  buy a bunch of chocolate?

Anyway, shopping for vegan Easter eggs in Australia seems to be getting easier each year, with random vegan eggs popping up all over the place! These are just a few of the things I’ve come across this year but trust me, there are a bunch more! Some of these can be found in y0ur local grocery store however for some you may need to hit a speciality chocolate shop or vegan store.

Moo Free

I love Moo Free because they make really delicious, affordable and accessible vegan chocolate. I’m loving this Easter egg because it reminds me of the non-vegan eggs I used to get as a kid – one big egg with some bonus chocolate treats. Plus, this one comes in honeycomb O.M.G!

Easter Eggs



Alright, I know these aren’t technically Easter chocolates but fam, they’re probably the most delicious chocolate you could ever ask for. They taste like smooth AF little blocks of Nutella and the best part is that they’re small enough to make little Easter egg hunt treats.

Easter Eggs


Sweet William

Probs the easiest of the lot to track down, Sweet William bunnies are individually wrapped and a great idea for kids to chuck in their basket, or for you to chuck straight into your mouth.

Easter Eggs



Alpha Small Eggs are also a great size for Easter egg hunts and are beautifully wrapped just like the ones you used to get in your non-vegan days.

Easter Eggs


Loving Earth

Looking for something a little healthier for your Easter celebration? Loving Earth chocolate is raw, tastes awesome and comes in a variety of sizes and flavours – Pop a few in a basket for the healthy vegan in your life.

Easter Eggs

Happy Easter, fam!