My De Lorenzo Hair Routine

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If there’s one thing I usually get complimented on, it’s my hair. That’s partially due to the magic my hairdressers work on it but also how I maintain it in between visits (not at all to do with genetics because my hair would probably fall out if left to its own devices). I love De Lorenzo products because they’re 100% Australian made and owned, environmentally responsible and use plant-based vegan ingredients that aren’t tested on animals, of course!

Now that I work full time, I have even less time to devote to my hair routine so over the past few months I have got it down to a fine art.

Step 1: Wash

I only wash my hair once or twice a week so when I do, it’s important that I get rid of all of the grime that has been built up in between. Because my hair is coloured af, hella fine and not very voluminous, I use De Lorenzo’s Control Shampoo ($29.50) from the Prescriptive Solutions Control Range. With Australian aspen lemon, olive leaf extract and rosemary leaf extract, my hair feels super clean and revitalised.

Step 2: Colour

Since I blonde up my hair every few months, it can get a little brassy in-between toning sessions at the hairdresser. After a good wash, I like to lather my hair in De Lorenzo’s NovaFusion Shampoo in Silver ($27.95). I leave it on for 5-10 minutes (depending on how much my hair needs it) and it magically washes away any brassiness, so much so that the next day I often get asked if I’ve had my hair freshly done!

Step 3: Condition

After that double shampoo fix, it’s time to get some nourishment back into my hair with the Revive Conditioner ($29.50), also from the Prescriptive Solutions Control range. After massaging gently into my hair, focussing on the ends, I like to brush through and leave for 5-10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Step 4: Treat

As we’ve already established, my hair can be a jerk and a half so when it comes to colouring and styling my hair, a good treatment is non-negotiable. One of my fave treatments is De Lorenzo’s Equilibrium ($31.50) from the Essential Treatments range. Organic rosehip and oat peptides help to restore dry and damaged hair with this deep treatment mask. Apply to towel dried hair, comb through and leave for 5-10 minutes before rinsing well. If my hair is feeling particularly desperate, I use less product but skip the rinsing step for an even deeper treatment.

Step 5: Style

I don’t style my hair very elaborately but when I do a little extra somethin’ somethin’ I like to hit my hair with a blast of Vapour Mist ($17.95) from the Elements range

Step 6: Lazy Solution

As I said, I usually only wash my hair once or twice a week. When I really need to stretch it out til the next wash, I use the Absorb Dry Shampoo ($19.95) from the Essential Treatments range to clean and control my oily roots. It also gives my limp hair a little bit of a volume boost which is an added bonus.

What’s your must-have De Lorenzo hair product? Lemme know in the comments!

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  • The Life of Laura

    These sound amazing, I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I think my oily hair needs to try that shampoo and conditioner!!

    Laura || xx

    • Chelsey – Like A Vegan

      Yes! Their Prescriptive Solutions are amazing!

  • Made for Madison

    These Sound like a great bunch of products. I must try

  • I love them! I use their Allevi8 shampoo and conditioner for my frizzy mane. They also have a deep treatment that I use every now and then (especially if I have a special event) as it makes my hair so shiny and soft and sensible! And also a restructurant spray that is like this amazing leave in condition spray. And a nice foaming thing that helps for frizz control between washes.
    I definitely want to check out that deep treatment that you mentioned. And I wonder if a NovaFusion in red would help give my natural colour a boost? Questions, questions, questions.

    Speaking of questions – I have a practical one. What do you do while you are waiting for each of the products to sit in your hair for 10 minutes? Do you get in and out of the shower? Or do you have an epic long shower?

    • Chelsey – Like A Vegan

      Definitely give the NovaFusion shampoo a go – I love it! Plus it washes out/fades so not a huge commitment!

      As for your Q: it depends! I only do the treatments occasionally so I’ll usually save up all the additional stuff I have to do (like shaving my legs) so it doesn’t seem that long!

  • Noise in Wonderland

    Never heard of this brand much before but I love the colour of your hair! I wish I could get mine that white!

    Amy //