My Sleep Tips

Y’all know I am a huge fan of sleep. Like, the HUGEST. Since I spend a lot of time sleepin’, I have a great amount on perspective when it comes to catching as many z’s as possible within a short space of time. I’m no sleep expert and hey, some of these tips may not actually work but they work for me.

Note: If struggling to sleep is an ongoing issue for you, there may be something else going on. I recommend seeking medical advice if you’re catching a very low z count on a regular basis because you’re missing out on premo sleep time, fam!

White Noise

Ever since I can remember, I have slept with a fan going in my room to create white noise and struggle big time without it. It doesn’t have to be a fan though, I also like to fall asleep to podcasts or the sound of a television show – anything that works for you! This constant noise blocks out any other incidental sound going on around me, like a dog barking or street noise, and allows me to snooze on through the chaos.


We all know that lavender is pretty well known for getting you relaxed af, so it’s great that so many peeps are bringing out mist sprays specifically for the bedroom. Give your room and bed a spritz of this stuff in the lead up to bedtime and let your nose do the work of getting you ready to drift off to sleep.

Good Bedding

In the past, I wouldn’t have necessarily said this is hugely important but man, it really is. Nice sheets, pillowcases and quilt covers not only create a luxe vibe but also feel like you’re sleeping inside of a cloud. I dig this Bamboo Quilt Cover Set that was sent to me by Ecosa because they’re hella soft, thanks to organic bamboo which doesn’t only use 2/3 less water to grow but are anti-dust mite, odour resistant and anti-bacterial so they’re absolutely perf for allergy sufferers like me!

A Clear Mind

I used to struggle with getting to sleep at night because I couldn’t switch off my mind, especially when I was a uni student with deadlines piling up all around me. I found that I was able to switch off my mind by telling myself that there was nothing I could do in that moment to relieve the stress but sleep and I could take more productive steps to fix that problem in the morning.

Have you got any dope sleep tips? Let me know in the comments!


  • The Life of Laura

    Some good tips!! I’ve been loving using lavender pillow sprays lately, they really help calm me. I also have an app that does white noise which I’ve actually started using recently too.

    Laura || xx

  • Amy Tuite

    I have trouble sleeping a lot! My psychologist recommended an app called iSleep Easy. Excellent meditation before sleep. The paid version has other great sessions like progressive muscle relaxation (which I use when my husband is snoring – I tense up a muscle until it almost hurts and then I can fall asleep).
    Finally, there is a great app called Calm. They have free (and paid) sleep stories that are lovely to fall asleep too. They used to have a cool one describing a trip on the Trans Siberian railroad. Current favourite is Stephen Fry describing a walk through the lavender fields of Provence.

    Doing heaps of exercise helps with sleep, and general mental health too.

  • I’ve heard people talk about white noise being good but I’ve never tried it, maybe I should. I find having my diffuser on with an oil always helps me feel sleepy. Definitely a test to having good bedding to!

    Amy //

  • Made for Madison

    White noise really works for my girls hehe