Skin Treat Yoself with esmi

Price: $65.00 AUD

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You guys know how much I love the foundation from esmi, so of course your girl was thrilled when they dropped three new skincare products called esmi Skin Treats. The legends sent me a couple to try but even better, they sent a couple extra for me to throw into Like A Vegan’s 7th Birthday ExtraVeganza Worldwide Giveaway (you can find out how to win here).

The idea of esmi Skin Treats is that they are designed to treat individual skin concern with simple ingredients. Not only do these babies come in beautiful packaging, they come in a special eyedropper bottle that is designed so that you don’t waste a drop of this precious nectar!

24K Gold Nourishing Oil ($65.00 AUD) is designed to nourish the hell outta your skin with coconut, jojoba and avocado oils while boosting antioxidants and anti-inflammation with rosehip oil. A little bit of ylang ylang and geranium is thrown in there to calm your senses too but the most exciting ingredient is the 24 carat gold leaf, which makes this a v fancy experience. I love to apply this Skin Treat as part of my nightly routine because it hits my skin with some TLC after a long day at work.

My fave Skin Treat that I have tried is the Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum ($65.00 AUD). I have seriously become obsessed with this stuff because it’s like a massive drink of water for your skin thanks to hyaluronic acid, niacinimide, aloe vera and allantoin. The skin almost immediately absorbs the serum, which makes it a perfect primer to apply before makeup as part of your morning routine.

Isn’t it about time you gave it a treat?


  • Lyndle Flewellen

    Thank you for giving us an insight into what your thoughts are on different products. I’d never heard of these products until I read about them on your blog. These particular ones sound amazing – a big drink of water for your skin! Exactly what we need in Australia with our harsh sun!

  • Meghann Stewart

    I am so keen to try these products! They sound amazing 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Simone Squires

    These babies are on my wish list…I mean gold flecks…. sold! I love how you have mentioned the waste free dropper, what a great idea. I have recently moved from Queensland to NSW and my skin needs that big drink of water my skin needs.

  • english_rose86

    I went to Australia in February and really regret not stocking up on goodies from Esmi. They were selling stuff in a beauty salon I visited and it looked amazing! Great blog Chelsey, keep it up x🇬🇧x

  • Laura_woo

    I have just recently seen these
    products pop up on a few influencers socials and they have all been raving about them!!! Would love to try them!