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For the longest time I’ve been a strictly matte lip kinda gal, sometimes throwing a semi-moisturised look in there when the occasion called for it. Now that warmer weather has arrived, I’m feeling glossy which is convenient because my pals at Inika have recently launched an outta sight range of Certified Organic Lip Glazes suitable for both day and night looks.

My lips do have a tendency to get a little dry, so I’mย really vibing on Inika’s Certified Organic Lip Serum ($39.00 AUD). It’s full of ingredients like jojoba, sunflower and rosehip oils, mandarin orange extract and orange essential oil to nourish the hell outta your lips to make the perf lip base to chuck colour on top of or as a standalone for when your lips just need a little extra TLC.

Now you’ve got your lips nourished af, it’s time to slap some colour on. Inika’s Certified Organic Lip Glazes ($35.00 AUD) contain ingredients like certified organic shea butter, rosehip and jojoba oils and candelilla wax to moisturise and a citrusy scent thanks to the certified organic orange essential oil tucked in there. The formula glides on super easily, feels smooth and isn’t sticky at all (hooray!) while providing a hint of colour that can be worn alone or over your fave lipstick to add another dimension to your lip look.

So what colours are we lookin’ at here? On the neutral side of the spectrum you’ve got Hazelnut, a very cool, light brown with a super glossy finish; this is one of my faves and a fun departure from a lot of mattes that come in similar hues. Cappuccino is a warmer toned brown that is almost coppery and has reflective bits running through it, while cinnamon sits on the more pinky side of brown. Blossom is one of my faaaave shades because it’s a light pink almost holographic shimmer running through it – perfect for spring!

Moving on to the brighter shades in the range, you come to Rosewood, which sorta has that holographic feel but this time with a deep rose colour behind it. If you’re down with reds, Cherry is going to be your go to for a deep, red, glossy number while Coral is going to be your peachy BFF for the warmer months.

The Inika Certified Organic Lip Glazes are a great way to add a subtle hint of colour to your look this spring and summer!

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  • Lyndle Flewellen

    I get dry lips too! I’m also a matte girl but love a bit of shimmer for an evening do ๐Ÿ˜„ Will definitely have to look into these products! Thanks ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

  • Simone Squires

    Love Inika, I got my first product in the vegan beauty box and fell in love!!