Nature’s Charm – Banoffee Tapioca Pudding

Banoffee Tapioca Pudding

Difficulty: Easy - Medium Serves Four I'm a huge fan of coconut stuff and jackfruit stuff, so when Nature's Charm asked if I'd like to team up with them to create a series of recipes using their products I was like "hell yes!" Over the coming months I'm going to hit you with a few dope recipes to give you some #inspo for how to use your Nature's Charm products. I don't mess with tapioca pudding often, but when I was sent Nature's Charm Condensed Coconut Milk to try I just knew that's what I had to make with it! Creamy, sticky and sweet - this is everything you remember from classic condensed milk without the gross animal cruelty associated with dairy. You thought...

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Table of Plenty + Dukkah Crusted Oyster Mushrooms Recipe

Table of Plenty

Price: From $3.50 Where to Buy: You guys know I have a close and personal relationship with snacks, so when Table of Plenty hit me up to review some of their stuff and create a little recipe, you know I jumped at that chance! I reckon you can always pick up the vibe that a business is doing good and when you learn the Table of Plenty story, it all starts to make sense. Owner Kate Weiss started the biz after the struggle of a challenging full-time job started to compromise the care of her Amy, who was born with a disability. Kate and her team have now grown Table of Plenty into a major national biz with a range of products including muesli, snacks,...

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Go Nuts for Hrvst St Raw Organic Nut Mylks

Hrvst St Nut Mylks

Price: From $8.00 Where to Buy: I'll have a coffee or a tea but at heart I'm a cold drink kinda gal, so Hrvst St's new range of Raw Organic Nut Mylks are relevant to my interests. Big time. The legends even managed to have some shipped down to me from Brisbane because they knew how badly I wanted to try them. Nawww. Activated Almond + Date is a simple yet tasty flavour combo, subtle enough to add to your morning coffee (or just add a bit of cold brew!) If you're tryna get fancy, Cashew Salted Caramel will sweeten things up for ya. The tastiest of the bunch IMHO is the Choc Cacao Butter because it packs the most punch flavour-wise without going OTT. These bad boys aren't the...

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Roza’s Gourmet & Pesto Pasta Recipe

Roza's Pesto Pasta

Price: From $9.50AUD Where to Buy: Sure, it's fun to make your own sauces but sometimes we vegans do it out of necessity because there ain't always a ready-made vegan sauce option nearby. That's why I was hella stoked when I was asked to try Roza's Gourmet, a range of chutneys, pestos and sauces made with all natural ingredients and zero artificial preservatives. Roza's Gourmet started in Brisbane in 1991 and has been around for 25 years. After Roza's death, her daughter Jasmin took the wheel and has turned the company into a thriving business, using primarily local ingredients and manufacturing in Australia to keep jobs within the local community. Hot Lover is made from a selection of spicy ingredients like cayenne, habanero and curry powder...

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Over The Moo Ice Cream

Over The Moo

Price: From $10.95 Where to Buy: You know what's super tough about blogging? Getting asked to try a whole friggin' bunch of vegan ice cream and having to write about it. LOL JK, it's actually dope AF and the legends at Over The Moo wanted me to tell you all about some of the bitchin' new flavours in their range of coconut ice cream. Over The Moo is Australian owned company churning out nine, yes NINE, amazing vegan flavours like mmmmMangoo, The Espresso Lane and Choc! Choc! Who's There? but today I am going to hit you with a classic and a bunch of newbies that are going to be in your reg rotation in no time. TBH I thought I was going to hate...

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The Red Balloon Vegan Lollies

The Red Balloon

Price: From $5.50 Where to Buy: No need to pinch yourselves, folks! This week's Gotta Have It is dedicated to The Red Balloon and their mother-effin' vegan lollies, yay! I stopped eating gelatine not long into my vegetarian years, so it's been quite a long time since I've sunk my teeth into a bloody good lolly. Sure, there are some great ones out there but they're few and far between and they're usually lacking in the flavour and/or texture department. The good news is that not only do Melbourne-based The Red Balloon make two types of vegan lolly but there are seriously so many freakin' flavours to choose from you'll be like a kid in a...

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Gingerbread Folk Vegan Gingerbread House Kit

Price: $39.95 Where to Buy: Nothing says Christmas like food and craft and what better way to combine the two than by making a gingerbread house! The guys at Gingerbread Folk have just released a Vegan Gingerbread House Kit and sent one to me to try PLUS we're giving one reader of Like a Vegan to win one of their own (see more about that below). 4 walls, roof pieces and a chimney are all included in the kit plus instructions, baseboard, icing bag and vegan royal icing mix. The royal icing is incredibly easy to mix however I did need to add a little more water than the instructions suggested, I would recommend adding it very slowly until you get the desired...

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Oh My Chai – Chai Cake w/ Maple Walnut Glaze

Oh My Chai

Price: From $4.95 Where to Buy: I don't drink a lot of hot drinks but this recent cool snap has me downing several cups a day. When the guys from Oh My Chai offered to chuck a bag of their organic masala chai my way, it was simply an offer I could not refuse. Oh My Chai Masala is a hand blended loose mix of 9 spices like cinnamon, fennel and ginger and is lightly sweetened thanks to our old friend dark agave. It's smooth, subtle and can be made on your favourite non-dairy milk in no time. This blend is available in 1kg or 250g bags but if you're not quite sure that Oh My Chai is the right tea for you,...

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Miyoko’s Creamery Nut Cheeses


Where to Buy: Follow Miyoko's Kitchen Australia for Australian stockists Price: From $16AUD More and more vegan cheeses are hitting the shelves in Australia and the newest kid on the block is Miyoko's Creamery! You may recognise the name, Miyoko Schinner is the genius behind Artisan Vegan Cheese, one of my favourite cookbooks EVER and now she has brought her cheeses to the masses with this new range. There are about 10 drool-worthy cheeses in the Miyoko's Creamery range including High Sierra Rustic Alpine and Mt. Vesuvius Black Ash however I've only been able to spot 3 of them in Australia so far and purchased 2 of them on a recent road trip to Cabramatta in Sydney, Classic Double Cream Chive and Double...

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The Muesli Man


Price: $16.00AUD Where to Buy: If you're looking for delicious and nutritious muesli with a twist, look no further than The Muesli Man! These guys are taking the market circuit by storm with their quirky flavour combinations and sent a sample pack of muesli my way to try. This week I decided to sample a different flavour of The Muesli Man muesli each day. I kicked things off with Chocolate - a blend of cocoa oat clusters, with toasted almonds and hazelnuts, dried strawberries, flaked coconut and a puffed mix of buckwheat, sorghum and rice. This is like some kind of delicious dessert but at breakfast time! The dried strawberries are a decadent touch. Next I tried Maple - a combo of maple oat...

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Sprout & Kernel Tree Nut Cheeses


Price: From $8.00AUD Where to Buy: (coming soon) See below for more details. Go to the US and you'll see vegan nut cheeses coming out the yin yang but in Australia it's a very different story. Sprout & Kernel are looking to give this story a happy ending with their range of tree nut cheeses. While I do love to make my own nut cheeses, it can be time consuming and sometimes I just want to have some ready and waiting for me on demand. Recently I was given a Sprout & Kernel taster box so I could give their range a whirl and naturally I'm going to share my thoughts with you all. First cab off the rank was the Aged Cashew...

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The Chia Co.


Price: From $7.69AUD Where To Buy: The first time I ever heard of chia was on that Chia Pet ad at the beginning of Wayne's World but then it kind of dropped of the radar. Over the past few years, chia has really grown in popularity as a superfood and why bloody shouldn't it?! It's the highest plant-based source of Omega-3, high in dietary fibre and contains all eight essential amino acids making it a 'complete' protein (which is rare for a plant-based protein). The Chia Co. range of products make getting your daily dose of chia easy peasy. Not only do they produce black and white chia seeds in different quantities but they also make chia oil, which is great in salad...

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Kinda Bacon

Price: $12.75 Where to Buy: Visit the Kinda Bacon website for online store and stockists Dope Australian products are where it's at. When you go to the US and see the crazy amount of wicked vegan products on sale (without the absurd price markup they incur when they get to us) can be a little disheartening, so I was super stoked when I heard about Kinda Bacon. A few years ago, if you told me you could have made bacon-y tasting chips out of coconut, I would have slapped you across the face and called you a liar. The guys at Kinda Bacon have truly nailed the smokey, salty nature of those crispy bacon bits you used to sprinkle on your salads and...

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Spun Fairy Floss

Price: From $7.95 AUD Where to Buy: Click here to buy online and  for stockists I'm not a huge sweet tooth but every now and then I love me a bit of candy. Recently I heard about Spun Fairy Floss and knew I just had to give it a go. Unlike traditional fairy floss, this stuff ain't coloured. It's vegan (derrrr), gluten free, sodium free, preservative free and made in Australia. You know what else? It comes in over 100 natural flavours, which is great because who the heck knows what the flavour of that carnival floss is. The flavours aren't overpowering either, they're subtle, and lend brilliantly to desserts, cocktails and just as delicious straight outta the tub. Speaking of the tub, be...

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Aum Purifying Beauty Ritual

Price: $34.95 Where to Buy: Click here for stockists Aum make some awesome products and I've reviewed them before. This time I've got the Purifying Beauty Ritual to try, which contains the Cell Renew Face Exfoliant and the Brightening Milk Cleanser. If you bought each of these separately, you'd pay around fifty bones but in the pack you score them for just $34.95. You can use the Brightening Milk on its own to remove make up and impurities to reveal a brighter and smoother complexion plus it's suitable for sensitive skin too! Some of the active ingredients are fruit AHAs to gently remove impurities, antioxidants to neutralise free radicals and ginseng to stimulate circulation.If that's not enough for you, it contains hyaluronate to...

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The Vegg

Where to Buy: Visit The Vegg website for stockists How Much?: $9.75 When I first heard of The Vegg (vegan egg yolk),  I was super skeptical for several reasons and had quite a few questions. Firstly, what the hell does it look like? Do I get some kind of pouch with a yolk inside or does it come in some kind of sachet? Secondly, what does it taste like? Surely it can't taste like a real egg, or can it? Finally, what do I use this for? Is this a product I really need in my life? I want to throw some more reviews at you guys this year so I am going to try out a new format. I'm going to give you...

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Bounty Burgers

Where to Buy: Price: RRP $12.00 per pack of four Recently I'd heard a few murmurs about Bounty Burgers and how deliciously awesome they are so I decided I'd give them a try. Luckily there was a stall at the Cruelty Free Festival in Sydney so I tucked into one at the festival and also grabbed a box to take home. So what are the best things about these burgers? Well, the major drawcard is the fact each burger is only 95 calories! They're not tiny discs either, so whether you decide to throw these babies on a bun with a heckload of condiments or on a plate with some salad or vegetables, you're guaranteed a fully satisfying meal. They're also high protein,...

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Angel Food – Vegan Cheesey Sauce Mix

Where to Buy: Check out for stockists Price: Approximately $5.00 AUD You may have had Angel Food's products before, they're the ones who make the vegan meringue mix I used to make my Pavlova Berry Bites. Alice from Angel Food contacted me recently to give their new Vegan Cheesey Sauce Mix a try and of course I said yes! To be honest with you, I was excited but a little apprehensive because we all know how horribly wrong vegan cheese products can go! WHAT WAS I WORRIED ABOUT?! This sauce is supreme! I do like to make my own things from scratch however there are those times where you simply cannot be bothered. This mix is perfect for those times. It's so...

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Tofutti Ice Cream

Where to Buy: Your local health food store Price: Anywhere from $6.00-$9.00 When I first became vegan, I found ice cream a real tough one to substitute as I wasn't really vibing on the options available in the supermarket. I thought my days of creamy, frozen treats were over until I stumbled across Tofutti ice cream. The Tofutti ice cream range offers a whole host of flavours including old classics like chocolate and vanilla but also more adventurous creations like almond bark and my favourite, better pecan. The best thing about this product is the texture; it's smooth and soft with an added element that can only be described as 'creamth'. It's perfect as an accompaniment to a cake or pie and a...

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