Bean Ball Subs with Cheesy Sauce


Difficulty: Medium Makes 4 Big Ass Subs Bet you thought your meatball sub days were behind you when you went vegan, huh? Well I hope you're sitting down because these bean ball subs are going to change your life. Plus we're kicking it up  a notch with a super creamy, cheesy sauce - yeah, that's right! The bean balls and sauces themselves are all soy and gluten free so pop these on some GF bread and there's another gluten free meal to add to your repertoire. Ingredients 1/2 recipe of my Bean Balls in Marinara Sauce 2 baguettes 2 cups baby spinach leaves Cheesy Sauce 1 cup cashews (soaked overnight) 1 cup non-dairy milk (not soy for soy free dudes, obvs) 1/3 cup nutritional...

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