Vegan Iced VoVos

Iced Vovo

Difficulty: Medium Makes about 40 cookies I hear you non-Aussie folk asking "what the eff is an Iced VoVo and why do I want a vegan one?" and I'ma give you an answer! The Iced VoVo is a classic Australian biscuit; a vanilla cookie topped with marshmallowy fondant, jam and coconut. Obviously there are a couple of components of the Iced VoVo that means they're were no longer on the shopping list once I went vegan, so for my niece's 5th birthday tea party I whipped up a batch of vegan ones! I know it looks a little complicated and making your own marshmallow seems daunting but trust me, you got this, I believe in you. Ingredients Biscuit 1/2 cup vegan margarine (I used Nuttelex) 1...

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