Over The Moo Ice Cream

Over The Moo

Price: From $10.95 Where to Buy: www.overthemoo.com.au You know what's super tough about blogging? Getting asked to try a whole friggin' bunch of vegan ice cream and having to write about it. LOL JK, it's actually dope AF and the legends at Over The Moo wanted me to tell you all about some of the bitchin' new flavours in their range of coconut ice cream. Over The Moo is Australian owned company churning out nine, yes NINE, amazing vegan flavours like mmmmMangoo, The Espresso Lane and Choc! Choc! Who's There? but today I am going to hit you with a classic and a bunch of newbies that are going to be in your reg rotation in no time. TBH I thought I was going to hate...

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