Tofutti Ice Cream

Where to Buy: Your local health food store

Price: Anywhere from $6.00-$9.00

When I first became vegan, I found ice cream a real tough one to substitute as I wasn’t really vibing on the options available in the supermarket. I thought my days of creamy, frozen treats were over until I stumbled across Tofutti ice cream. The Tofutti ice cream range offers a whole host of flavours including old classics like chocolate and vanilla but also more adventurous creations like almond bark and my favourite, better pecan.

The best thing about this product is the texture; it’s smooth and soft with an added element that can only be described as ‘creamth’. It’s perfect as an accompaniment to a cake or pie and a great addition to a smoothie or shake but it’s as equally as delicious straight out of the tub.

I can quote several of my non vegan friends as saying that they prefer Tofutti over dairy based iced confections, if that isn’t a good enough recommendation I don’t know what is!


  • Will be trying this ice cream, no doubt!

  • Suzievegan

    I am not really impressed by tofutti “ice cram” Purely Decadent from Turtle Mountain is way better also So Good brand is better.

    • Chelsey

      As far as I’m aware, Turtle Mountain is very difficult to track down in Australia although I’ve heard it’s very good. Everybody has different tastes however I find the So Good ice cream in Australia to have a really odd consistency and taste that doesn’t really work for me.

  • Huxtable

    It’s all about the CREAMTH baby!

  • onlygoodthings

    I was so excited when I saw this post however after doing a bit more research I found this in a newsletter from the Cruelty Free Store in March 2007:
    Tofutti not vegan
    The Cruelty Free Shop will no longer be stocking the Tofutti range as, thanks to one of our vigilant customers, we have discovered that they are made with sugar refined using bone char. The following is a quote from the Tofutti manufacturers website. Most of our frozen dessert products use cane sugar. We assume that the sugar is refined with animal bone char since this is a fairly common procedure in the sugar refining industry. Please keep in mind that all sugar refining in this country is done by a handful of companies, who establish their own procedures for refining sugarย. Please note that this statement applies to sugar processed in the USA where Tofutti is manufactured.
    Sorry to burst your bubble if this still applies or have things changed since then?!

    • Chelsey

      Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks for the comment. There has been some debate about this for a while now however if you check out the FAQ on the Tofutti site, there is confirmation that most of their products are vegan, this has probably been updated since 2007. Being a vegan you will often here a lot of back and forth on different issues but I find the best way is to do what you’re comfortable with and follow your instinct!



  • Lucy Norman

    Some health food stores also sell Tofutti “cuties” – little ice cream sandwiches (like Monarco bars) that are available in chocolate and vanilla. They’re my favourite ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Chelsey

      Hi Lucy,

      Cuties are fantastic! The choc-mint ones are my favourite ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Abbie

    Do they usually sell this at Natural Tucker in Newcastle? I have only ever seen the tofutti cuties there…unless I am just going blind lol.

    • Chelsey

      They usually do sell it there however the last couple of times I have gone in it has just been the Cuties as well. Hopefully they’ll get some more in soon!