Murchison-Hume Cleaning Products

Price: From $12.50 AUD

Where to Buy: Murchison-Hume

Murchison-Hume are a Sydney-based company, who specialise in premium housecleaning products. They’re organic, free of animal derivatives and the products are made using Colloidal Technology, which is the same technology used to clean the ocean in an oil spill (pretty radical, huh?!)  Something extra awesome about this stuff is that you can choose from a range of fragrances for some products:

  • Fragrance-Free
  • Juniperberry
  • Australian White Grapefruit
  • Coriander
  • Original Fig

I recently got my hands on some of the products to try and let me tell you, it’s not just pretty packaging!

“Superlative” Liquid Hand Soap – $21.00 AUD

Now, I know I said these products were more than the packaging, but this stuff looks so lovely in a nice, fresh bathroom. This hand soap is coconut based and blended with wheat proteins, chamomile, rose hip extracts and vitamins, giving your hands not only a good clean but also protection from the elements!

“Decidedly Rich” Hand Cream – $?

I don’t have a price for this as it isn’t on the website currently, but definitely keep an eye out for it. When placed next to the hand soap, you remember to give your hands a nourishing treatment several times throughout the day! Certified organic oils nourish the skin and emollient protects your hands from dryness.

“Counter Intelligence” Food Safe Surface Spray – $12.50 AUD

Mum LOVES this stuff because you can clean the bench and use it straight away, safe in the knowledge that you’re not getting nasty stuff all over your food. Most importantly though, it cleans like a dream and smells so delightful you might even want to spray it on yourself (you can if you want!)

“Everyday” Furniture Spritzer – $12.50 AUD

This stuff  cleans anything from wood to upholstery, minimising air-borne allergens and discouraging dust mites. One product to clean them all, does it get any easier than that?! It actually works too, which is always a plus when it comes to cleaning products!

“Effortless” Floor Splash – $12.50 AUD

The name says it all really, a little of this in a bucket of warm water and there you have it, clean floor! Murchison-Hume have taken care of the hard part, creating a product that cuts down the grease and grime without the need to rinse.

Admittedly, this stuff is more expensive than your everyday household products and Murchison-Hume are well aware of that. You’re just paying for packaging either, it’s the quality organic ingredients that push up the price of these products but in all honesty, it’s worth it!


  • wow they look awesome!

  • Looks like a fabulous range, and I have been on the lookout for a green furniture polish so will probably be ordering some from these guys. Thanks for posting about them 🙂

  • gloria denning

    Is there a store at which I can buy these products. I loooooooooooove them. I live in Victoria.

    Thank you

    • Chelsey

      Hi Gloria 🙂

      They are amazing, aren’t they!?

      Not sure whereabouts in Victoria you are, but on the Stockist section of the Murchison-Hume site you can enter your postcode to find your nearest stockist. Alternatively you can purchase directly from them!



  • Leah

    Have you actually bothered to look at the product ingredients listing? They list fig as a scent and fig is synthetically manufactured…therefore M&H cannot claim fragrance-free. Further, look at what they’re using as a surfactant…and ask yourself how this is extracted…using petrochemicals. Palm oil is not eco friendly either. Yes, the packaging is pretty but for “Like A Vegan” I expected more eco-grunt than just eye catching product.

    • Chelsey

      Hi Leah!

      Thanks for your comment. I do love a pretty package but it’s what’s inside that counts and this definitely worth researching. I’m going to forward your comment onto the guys at Murchison-Hume and see if they’ve got any information that can shed some light on this 🙂

      Thanks again,


  • Asha

    Hi all, Leah is totally right. Murchison Hume do use palm oil so if you care about Orangutans, this is another nasty to avoid IMO.

    • Chelsey

      Thanks for your comment, Asha. It’s definitely something to take into consideration before buying 🙂