Angel Food – Vegan Cheesey Sauce Mix

Where to Buy: Check out for stockists

Price: Approximately $5.00 AUD

You may have had Angel Food’s products before, they’re the ones who make the vegan meringue mix I used to make my Pavlova Berry Bites. Alice from Angel Food contacted me recently to give their new Vegan Cheesey Sauce Mix a try and of course I said yes! To be honest with you, I was excited but a little apprehensive because we all know how horribly wrong vegan cheese products can go!

WHAT WAS I WORRIED ABOUT?! This sauce is supreme! I do like to make my own things from scratch however there are those times where you simply cannot be bothered. This mix is perfect for those times. It’s so creamy and tasty, with an authentic cheesy taste. I had it over cauliflower but you could just as easily chuck it in some pasta for an easy mac and cheese. You know what else it would be bitchin’ for? Pouring over nachos to give it that extra kick.

If you’re looking for a versatile product to keep in the pantry for those lazy days, this is the product for you. I know I’ll be stocking up.