Spun Fairy Floss

Price: From $7.95 AUD

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I’m not a huge sweet tooth but every now and then I love me a bit of candy. Recently I heard about Spun Fairy Floss and knew I just had to give it a go.

Unlike traditional fairy floss, this stuff ain’t coloured. It’s vegan (derrrr), gluten free, sodium free, preservative free and made in Australia. You know what else? It comes in over 100 natural flavours, which is great because who the heck knows what the flavour of that carnival floss is. The flavours aren’t overpowering either, they’re subtle, and lend brilliantly to desserts, cocktails and just as delicious straight outta the tub. Speaking of the tub, be mindful to seal that bad boy up tight because if you don’t, you may return to a lump of sugar in the bottom. Bummer.

Some of my favourite flavours so far have been maple, rose and fig but there are more and more adventurous flavours being announced on the reg. Creme Brulee fairy floss? Seriously!

If you’re looking for a totally natural treat, you really do need to try Spun Fairy Floss. Also stay tuned for a recipe using the stuff later this week…