Divine Infusions Healing Balm and Tattoo Balm

Price: From $10

Where to Buy: Divine Infusions + Tattoo Balm


Hell-bent on finding a treatment for a wide range of healing applications? Divine Infusions Healing Balm may just be the thing you’re lookin’ for, buddy. This stuff is handmade, all-natural and doesn’t contain any junk like chemicals, petroleum and of course there’s not an animal product in sight.

So what does Healing Balm contain then? It’s a combination of natural oils, butters and macadamia wax, each providing their own awesome properties to the balm. Extra virgin coconut oil, for instance can moisturise and protect at the same time has having anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Whoa. Chamomile oil is an antiseptic, antibiotic, disinfectant and analgesic. For a full list of ingredients and how they contibute to Healing Balm’s awesomeness, click here.

If you’re wondering what this stuff can actually help with, the list is ongoing – burns, rashes, cuts, bites, cracked heels, nappy rash, irritations and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It can also be used to protect the skin of those who use their hands a lot such as gardeners, mechanics and musicians. Heck, you can even just use it as a hand cream or moisturiser if you want to as it can also strenghthen nails.

Divine Infusions sent me a tub of this stuff to try out and I was impressed. In a recent baking mishap (because I’m an idiot) I sustained several burns to my wrist and hand and have been applying Healing Balm daily to help aid the healing process. It’s still early days so I don’t know how badly it will scar but so far it has helped to soothe the skin and based on past injuries has definitely aided the healing process.

Divine Infusions also have balms for other uses as well. Their Tattoo Balm is perfect for prepping skin for fresh ink as well as helping to ensure your new body art. For any tattooists our there, it’s also great to use throughout the tattoo process! Gnarly. I haven’t had any work done for a while so I can’t tell you how it worked for me however next time I get a tattoo, I’ll be giving it a go.

Stay tuned to the Divine Infusions website for updates on where to buy. They’ll also have a stall set up at the Sydney Vegan Festival on the 29th of March.

You can follow Divine Infusions on Twitter and Facebook. Tattoo Balm has its own Twitter and Facebook too!

Want to try some of this awesome stuff? I have a tub of Healing Balm and a tub of Tattoo Balm to giveaway! Comment below with which one you want to try and why for your chance to win! Australian residents only, I’ll draw the winners on 28/03/2014.


  • Sophie

    I want to try the Tattoo Balm, I haven’t found a vegan tattoo balm that I’ve liked so far.

  • AmberB

    I’d love to try the Healing Balm. I suffer from eczema and am always on the lookout for products for treat my troublesome skin.

  • sarah

    The healing balm for me! The heat at the office makes my skin so dry!

  • Olivia

    Hi! I would really like to try the Healing Balm, I always somehow find absurd ways to accidentally cut myself and get scars absolutely everywhere haha

  • Kate Rimminton

    Love to try the healing balm on the little bites from rescued animals xox

  • Tom

    I’d love the Tattoo Balm, I’m looking at getting a tattoo, but can’t find any vegan tattoo balm in my town and don’t want to end up having to use awful petroleum-based products!