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If you’re looking for delicious and nutritious muesli with a twist, look no further than The Muesli Man! These guys are taking the market circuit by storm with their quirky flavour combinations and sent a sample pack of muesli my way to try.

This week I decided to sample a different flavour of The Muesli Man muesli each day. I kicked things off with Chocolate – a blend of cocoa oat clusters, with toasted almonds and hazelnuts, dried strawberries, flaked coconut and a puffed mix of buckwheat, sorghum and rice. This is like some kind of delicious dessert but at breakfast time! The dried strawberries are a decadent touch.

Next I tried Maple – a combo of maple oat clusters and pecans, with dried apple and sultanas, toasted pepitas, sunflower seeds and flaked coconut, and a puffed mix of buckwheat, sorghum and rice. I would have to say this is my favourite blend. The subtle sweetness of the maple tastes so excellent with the toasty flavours of the clusters and nuts. Plus apple is always maple’s perfect companion.

Tuesdays muesli was Bircher – a five grain mix of oats, triticale, spelt, quinoa and barley, a puffed mix of buckwheat, sorghum and rice, with almonds, flaked coconut, pepitas and sunflower seeds, finished with dried pear, freeze -dried peach and rasperry powder. This mixture is a lot less sweet than the other varieties but the raspberry powder adds a touch of tartness and luxury to the mix. I had this with almond milk but I would consider using juice in the future to add a little more sweetness.

The Muesli Man have a Gluten Free option too – a mix of maple toasted pecans, hazelnuts and almonds, with dried apple, strawberry, cranberry, blueberry, sultanas and flaked coconut, finished with pepitas, sunflower seeds, amaranth and a puffed mix of quinoa, buckwheat, sorghum and rice. Obviously this option is great if you’re on a gluten free diet but it’s also a lighter option for those who don’t want the heaviness of the other varieties.

The final blend was Multigrain – a five grain mix of oats, triticale, spelt, quinoa and barley with buckini, amaranth, pepitas, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, a puffed mix of buckwheat, sorghum and rice finish with almonds, flaked coconut, goji berries and inca berries. While I did enjoy this one it was probably my least favourite as it didn’t have the sweetness of the other varieties however the mixture of grains did provide a really nice texture.

The Muesli Man’s online store is now up and running but if you want to pick some up in person, they have a pretty hectic market schedule too! Keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram for upcoming market stall information. Over the next few weeks you can find the guys at:

25th October – Hunt & Gather Markets, Newcastle

26th October – Avoca Beachside Markets, Avoca

1st November – The Olive Tree Market, Newcastle

With such a variety of flavours, you can say goodbye to breakfast boredom. Why be restricted to breakfast? Add a sprinkle of this stuff to yoghurt, ice cream or fruit salad for the perfect snack or dessert.