Oh Lordy! Lord of the Fries Hits Sydney Central

Lord of the Fries

Address: 10A Henry Deane Plaza, 18 Lee St, Haymarket, NSW Website: www.lordofthefries.com.au If you know me IRL or follow me on Twitter, you would know that a good portion of the time I am whinging about not having immediate access to Lord of the Fries. When LOTF hit Sydney you probably noticed that whinging decrease, well now it's about to decrease a little more because Lord of the Fries have opened another Sydney location. Just inside Henry Deane Plaza, on the Haymarket side of Central, you will find this little slice of fast food heaven. It has all of your LOTFF (Lord of the Fries Favourites) like burgers, munch boxes and fries (duh) plus now they're offering breakfast and shakes, yay! The Lord invited me to...

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