2015 Vegan Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas 2015

Full disclosure: I bloody love Christmas and everything that comes along with it. The decorations, buying gifts, wrapping gifts (yep), baking and driving around for hours looking at Christmas lights. It's usually my aim to have my Christmas shopping completed by the end of November, so that I can spend my December baking, decorating and just being heaps festive. Oh and executing my thoroughly thought out wrapping theme (yeah, I do that too). I understand that many don't share my love of gift buying and sometimes through veganism into the mix can add an extra layer of "ohmygodwhatdoIdoChristmasisaweekawayI'mgoingtocry" I would love to act as your personal shopper and gift wrapper over the Christmas season but until I can teleport, my 2015 Vegan...

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