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You guys should know by now that I’m a sucker for good design and thoughtful packaging, so it’s no surprise I fell in love with the memobottle as soon as I saw it! Naturally I was thrilled when memobottle sent me a couple to review (and if you read on, you’ll have the chance to win one of your own).

These dope water bottles were born when fellow Aussies (another tick) Jesse and Jonathan were frustrated at the amount of single-use drink bottles washing ashore in a country where clean drinking water is so easily accessible, not to mention the fact that traditional drinking bottles didn’t fit easily in back packs and laptop bags.


You may be thinking “ummm isn’t plastic super bad for the environment?” but did you know that because of the energy it takes to create aluminium and stainless steel products, reusable plastic bottles are actually 80% more environmentally friendly? Nup, neither did I! And trust me, you’re going to want to use your memobottle again and again and again.


What are my favourite things about the memobottle? Sheesh, where do I start?! I’m a fool for features and the fact that these babies come with two lids (one black, one white) is probably the dopest thing ever, especially if you don’t want to get your memobottle mixed up with your pal or want to choose the right colour to match your outfit/IG post (don’t act like you don’t care about this stuff, I know you do!)

I also loooove that memobottles come in two international paper sizes, A5 and A6, so that you can pick the size that suits your bag and thirst best. My personal fave is the A6 because it’s so teensy and adorable but holds a surprising 375mL of liquid, while the A5 is equally as slimline but holds a cray 75omL.


The details on these babies are super sweet too; each bottle has memobottle and size in raised text. The BPA free plastic feels smooth and light but sturdy, easily sliding in and out of your bag or backpack but sitting firmly in your hand. Plus they come with a cute little memobooklet which is full of cute photos and info about your new membottle.


If you appreciate sleek design, the environment and the convenience of being able to easily carry you H20 around with you, the memobottle is your new must-have item of 2016.

Want to win an A6 memobottle of your very own? In 25 words or less, comment on this post and let me know why you want to win. Giveaway is open WORLDWIDE, entries close at 5pm on the 25/01/2016. Don’t forget to check out Instagram for another chance to win!


  • francesca

    Every Vegan should have a reusable bottle and lead by example, if it looks this cool, all the better ^_^

  • Jessica Sellke

    This would be perfect with all of the travelling I do and trying to keep everything compact/light weight. Plus can you imagine how good it will look in travel photos? Bonus!

  • Veganopoulous

    I’m the designated packhorse for the fam and have to lug around waterbottles. These would fit fantastically Tetris-like in my bag!

  • Melinda

    Because disposable bottles suck. And 2016 is my year of zero wastage

  • Qui

    My life is like a TV Soap,
    Drama after drama,
    Bottles being wasted,
    Bottles being forgotten about,
    Memobottle is convenient,
    And will help me to cope!

  • Shana

    These look bloody ace! I love books! I love water! I love book shaped water bottles! And it will fit in my bag! Hurrah!

  • arcelia castillo

    Reusable is better for the earth and all it’s earthlings.

  • Dave

    Everyday I dehydrate doing my 30 min walk between the train and work because a round bottle won’t fit in my satchel, this = PROBLEM SOLVED!

  • Hannah Cliff

    Plastic is so much lighter to carry around all day and I’ll have more incentive to take it with me to Uni!

  • Marion

    These bottles look rad and they’re also good for the environment. Win, win.

  • Danielle

    I’d like to win, as I carry tiny, cute handbags and constantly have to lug a tote around with my current MASSIVE drink bottle

  • Michelle

    I’ve actually been looking for the perfect drink bottle to fit in my work bag! This looks perfect.

  • Roxana

    Veganism and environmental awareness are not the most popular topics in México , my country. I’d love to spread the message while being fashionable too,please!