Dusty Girls Cosmetics

Price: Starting from $18.50

Where to Buy: www.dustygirls.com.au

If you took one look at my make up collection you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that I bathe in cosmetics on the daily. Truth is, day-to-day I don’t wear a lot of make up but it’s hard to resist buying and trying new things when there are so many amazing vegan cosmetics to choose from! Dusty Girls Makeup is just one of those brands and they sent me a trio of their hottest products to take for a spin.

Dusty Girls was inspired by how good skin looks and feels after a day in the country and combines the natural clays and minerals of the earth to bottle up that goodness. The entire range is very natural, focussing on a palette of peaches, pinks and earth tones which are suitable for those who prefer a more natch look (i.e. me most of the time!)

Dusty Girls

The products are all made in Australia and avoid talcs and synthetic ingredients while promoting and protecting healthy skin. The outer boxes are also made from recycled cardboard, so that’s pretty cool too.

Earth Cream ($18.50) is a light weight tinted moisturiser with an SPF of 5. It glides onto the skin hella easily and provides a clean, natural finish. It’s treated with ingredients for acne prone skin like nigella sativa seed oil and the formula is made specifically not to block pores, so your skin can breathe while you’re looking cute AF.

Dusty Girls

Give those cheeks a rosy glow with the Pink Ladies Natural Mineral Blush ($25.00). A super pretty pale pink with a subtle shimmer, this blush is made with macadamia and jojoba oil so it applies easily and with the staying power of vitamin E, you’ll have a rosy cheeks all day long. Don’t just stop at your cheeks though, this stuff can be used on your eyelids and lips as well!

Dusty Girls

If there’s one make up must-have for me, it’s a good mascara. Luckily there are some great vegan options making the rounds and one of those is the Natural Mineral Mascara in Night Fall ($18.50). If you’ve got crazy sensitive eyes like me, you’ll be stoked that Dusty Girls formulate their mascara with acacia gum, a non-irritating alternative to pine tar (which is found in a lot of mascara, ew). It’s quite a small tube but I like that it makes it easy for travel or chucking in your bag for touch ups, not that you’ll need it though, this stuff lasts!

Dusty Girls

Dusty Girls is a great makeup choice for those who are looking for a natural look using natural ingredients. The prices are quite reasonable too, so you don’t have to break the bank to feel like you’re wearing nothing at all (nothing at all, nothing at all.)


  • Amy

    Hahaha, stupid sexy Flanders.
    Any reason why they don’t do the tinted moisturiser in 15+? Seems odd in an Australian cosmetics company.

    • Chelsey

      Yeah that does seem a bit funny! Perhaps email them your feedback and maybe it’s something they’ll look into 😀