Go Nuts for Hrvst St Raw Organic Nut Mylks

Hrvst St Nut Mylks

Price: From $8.00 Where to Buy: www.hrvstst.com.au I'll have a coffee or a tea but at heart I'm a cold drink kinda gal, so Hrvst St's new range of Raw Organic Nut Mylks are relevant to my interests. Big time. The legends even managed to have some shipped down to me from Brisbane because they knew how badly I wanted to try them. Nawww. Activated Almond + Date is a simple yet tasty flavour combo, subtle enough to add to your morning coffee (or just add a bit of cold brew!) If you're tryna get fancy, Cashew Salted Caramel will sweeten things up for ya. The tastiest of the bunch IMHO is the Choc Cacao Butter because it packs the most punch flavour-wise without going OTT. These bad boys aren't the...

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