Change Lives with Thankyou

Price: From $1.99

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With so many companies out there makin’ all kinds of crazy things that can often add little-to-no value to the way we live, it’s nice to find brands who actually give a shit about stuff. Thankyou is one of those brands, changing the world one product at a time through their social enterprise.


Thankyou kicked things off in 2008 in response to the World Water Crisis as a way to get in on the $600 million per year Australian bottled water biz while actually tryna do some good at the same time. It’s now 2016 and not only are Thankyou doing some good with their water range but their food, bodycare and baby ranges too!

So what do I mean when I say these guys are changin’ the world? By taking a holistic approach to poverty, a whopping 100% of Thankyou’s profits fund safe water, food and hygiene and sanitation services worldwide. Plus their new baby care range will fund child and maternal health programs.

The legends at Thankyou chucked me a few things to try and lemme tell you I was nothing short of impressed with the quality of the products and packaging. The best part of the packaging? You can track the impact your product has made by entering a code into their website.


Let’s kick things off in the bathroom with the Botanical Mint & Spring Flowers scented Body Lotion ($9.99) and Body Wash ($7.99). The body wash lathers really nicely and makes your skin chill AF thanks to the botanical mint while the body lotion has a great texture that absorbs into the skin quite nicely.

Thankyou are all up in the scrub trend with their Coffee Body Scrub ($14.99) in Botanical Geranium & Rosewood made with cold-pressed macadamia oil to moisturise the skin and fair trade coffee to exfoliate. In the same range you’ll find a wonderfully scented Hand Cream ($6.99) that makes the perf handbag companion.


Things don’t stop there though – Thankyou make edible stuff too! You’ve probably seen the still and sparkling bottled water ($1.99) in your local servo which takes some of the sting out of having to buy bottled water in the first place but did you know they also make vegan-friendly Apple & Apricot Clusters ($5.25) and Super Seed & Fruit Bars ($3.00)?

With affordable prices, widespread availability and top quality product and packaging – there’s really no excuse not to start changing lives with Thankyou’s premo products.