My New Must-Have Lip Product!

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You guys, I don’t wear a lot of lip colour. I dunno if that’s out of sheer laziness (I often can’t be bothered reapplying) or if it’s because… nope it’s definitely because I’m lazy.

The good news for me (and the bad news for my wallet) is that I think I may have found a product that’s dope enough to keep me coming back, application after application. That product is the new Ultra Blotted Lip by Colourpop – the LA based, cruelty-free cosmetic masterminds.

Ultra Blotted Lip comes in 8 shades and because I’m an absolute monster, I couldn’t resist picking up 5 of them to make the most of Colourpop’s free international shipping for orders over $50USD (pssst BTW, Colourpop have 20% off right now on their site.)

Double Scoop is more of a summer shade but hell, I’ll wear it all winter it’s that good! A subtle, peachy coral that adds a little colour to your perf day look. If pink is more your thing, Slide is a hella dusty shade that has nothing to do with the Goo Goo Dolls song but I like to think it does.

If you’re looking for something a little brighter, Bit-O Sunny is a red-ish fuchsia for all skintones and I can’t think of a more aptly named shade for me than Out of Beach cos you won’t get me the hell near a beach but I’m not gonna stray far from this coral shade.

Cherry on Top is one heck of a deep plum that I think is going to be one of my go-to autumn/winter colours – which is kinda weird considering I usually don’t dabble in the dark lip colour arts.

Check out the swatches below – From left to right, you’re looking at Cherry on Top, Double Scoop, Slide, Bit O Sunny and Out of Beach.

The formula of the Ultra Blotted Lip itself claims to be super matte (can confirm), transfer proof (pretty true) and super long wear (not entirely true but still pretty good). It glides on, feels like you’re wearing nothing at all and creates the perfect diffused soft look. The only drawback for me is that it can dry out my lips so be sure to keep them well moisturised.

Gee, I may have found a lip product I’ll use down to the last drop. What’s your fave Ultra Blotted Lip shade? Lemme know in the comments, fam!


  • Laura Tough

    I really want to get some Blotted Lips! They sound so great. Love the bright colours too xx

    Laura || xx

    • Chelsey – Like A Vegan

      They’re so amazing – you should try them!

  • Noise in Wonderland

    Colour pop products always look so good and everyone raves about them, I need to try!

    Amy //

    • Chelsey – Like A Vegan

      You gotta do it!

  • professionalbabe

    Oh god. I don’t need another lip product obsession. But I can’t believe how cheap they are!

    • Chelsey – Like A Vegan

      I know – SO dangerous!

  • Jasmine Huston

    Ohhh these look so pretty! I want to try them!

  • Cherry on Top is my ideal shade!

    Sharni //

  • Zerin Hassan

    These look fantastic babe