Treat Dreams Come True!

Price: From $4.75AUD

Where to Buy: for stockists

Ooooooh boy, hold onto your hats for this one folks, cos Treat Dreams have dropped a whole new range of outta sight chocolate this month. The legends sent be a big ol’ box of chocolates to try and I’ve selflessly decided to taste them all before sharing my thoughts with you.

The theme of this range is filled chocolate; think classics like caramel but wildcards like PB & J and speculaas too. All with that signature Treat Dreams colourful drizzle that will drive kids wild!

Forget frogs and koalas, the Dream Bears (2 for $4.75) are the only chocolate animals you need and come in caramel, peppermint and strawberry. I’d say buy ’em for the kids but tbh they’ll never even make it to their little hands.

If you’re all about that filling, you’re going to need to stock up on the filled Blocks ($9.75). Delish dark chocolate bars that burst open to a surprise filling of either PB&J, caramel or speculaas. I love the hint of delicious flavour to break up the richness of the dark chocolate.

Take your filling fetish one step further with the Treat Dreams Snack Bars ($4.99). Little bubbly bars packed with the same flavours as the blocks (PB&J, speculaas and caramel) but filled to the extreme! I mean, just look at them.

Last but not least, if you like a bit of chocolate with your filling, you’re going to need to get your hands on a carton of Dream Eggs! Just as you remember but even better because they’re totally vegan, bitches! Definitely chocolatey, definitely rich, so don’t go into this one thinking it’s just a light snack.

Now, I would invite you all over for some but unfortunately I have… uh… misplaced it. Yeah, misplaced. Definitely haven’t eaten it all.


  • veganinbrighton

    Dreams really do come true now that chocolate like this exists. The strawberry filled dream bears sound perfect!

  • Heather Pressley

    These wouldn’t last a second in our house!!! They look so devine!!! Guilty pleasure for sure!!!

  • Omg…They were doing tastings of this at the cruelty free shop in Melbourne. WHAT.. SO GOOD!

  • Lyndle Flewellen

    OH…MY…GOODNESS! Speculaas chocolate??? Are you kidding me??? YUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!

  • Simone Squires

    We were so excited for the online drop of these delicious creations! They were gone within the hour.